New Year, New Me

So in this time of big plans, pious declarations and diet torture I've made a few resolutions myself.  One is to take a deep breath and let go of the old in order to step into the new.  A big part of that is acknowledging that this little website...

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Tourist Menu Horrors – the Dos and Don’t of Ordering in Ireland

Recently, the OH and I had the pleasure of wandering around Dublin one evening looking for a simple bite to eat. It is the height of tourist season, and everywhere we turned the streets were heaving with tourists. Let me get this straight first of all – thank you...

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Top 5 Nuclear-War Foods….y’know, just in case, like….

I recently read a book called “The Things That Keep Us Here”.  As this isn’t a  book-reviewing blog (yet!), I’ll keep it simple.  Bird Flu hits.  Birds die.  Bird Flu mutates.  People die.  The end. Apart from the book being a compelling read, motoring on at a fine clip and...

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Tuscan Bean & Pancetta Soup

I’m not entirely sure if Tuscan Bean & Pancetta Soup is the correct title for this rustic, simple recipe, but I had just such a soup once, quite a few years ago and recreated the below from memory. A memory tainted by some rather good Chianti I might add. And so I’m...

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Free Stuff Alert – New Knorr ‘Highly Versatile’ Range

Monday's post brought a household tax demand, a TV licence reminder and, curiously, an offer for a free hearing aid.  At 28. But for once, this avalanche of Harp-marked envelopes was accompanied by some proper goodies - the lovely people at Knorr sent over a hamper full of some proper...

Read More in Food & Wine Magazine – Review of Canteen, Mallow Street, Limerick

Our review in this month's Food & Wine magazine was of the delectable and uber-popular Canteen, a funky, lively pop-up eatery on one of Limerick's many beautiful Georgian streets. Early last month, despite the snowy weather, we spent an enjoyable morning there  sampling its many brunch options, with...

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Easter Shopping Round-Up

Are you sick to the back teeth of hearing / reading about eggcellent value, bargain eggstravaganzas and eggsquisite deals? Yup, me too, so to cut the BS, see below for a rapid-fire overview of the shopping deals in stores this weekend.   Aldi

Good Friday? How ‘good’ will you be?

So good (mostly) Catholics of Ireland, I’m intrigued – how will you be spending Good Friday?  It’s an argument that will be thrashed out all across the airwaves this week and leads me to wonder is the idea of being locked out of the pubs for a...

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Mushroom and Blue Cheese Crostini

This miserable, dreary Friday evening we've a very simple, but utterly satisfying dish to share. Perfect for lunch in a rush, or a tired last-minute supper, this recipe is both easy and cheap, a perfect combination in our house! Much like red wine, early nights and broccoli, a taste for blue...

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Butternut Squash, Black Bean and Tomato ‘Taco Soup’

We’ve been soup-ing it recently in the evenings, as despite the supposedly spring season, we’ve been battling hail rain and snow in Ireland in the last couple of weeks. However, there’s only so much mushroom / tomato / French Onion Soup one family can have, so we’re trying to branch...

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